The polity

Faking democracy

The past year has simply been a continuation of political party posturing, individual political ambitions and manoeuvrings, (un)diplomatic interventions, and flawed solutions proffered by the all-important foreign aid sector


Beyond the borders

Nepal successfully hosted international political leaders and a regional summit this year. But if the country is to exploit the rise of India and China, it needs to set straight its foreign policy priorities
- Anil Giri

The law

Code equality

In 2015, the new civil and criminal codes have a chance to create history by ending laws discriminatory to women and gender minorities. Sadly, the bills seem like poor amendments of the Muluki Ain that they seek to replace
- Weena Pun


Startup nation

A whole host of entrepreneurs are finding market niches to explore
- Shibani Pandey


Reassessing a year of disasters

The year 2014 was plagued by disasters that resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives
- Prateebha Tuladhar


A liveable metropolis

Pre-Saarc, the Capital received a makeover. But will these changes be preserved and will infrastructure development continue at the same, rapid pace?
- Samik Kharel



They were in the limelight, for reasons right or wrong

Med schools

An industry run amok

The medical education sector was plagued by politicking and scandals in 2014.


A portrait of the artist

Sushma Joshi is a writer and filmmaker. Her book of short stories, ‘The End of the World’, was longlisted for the Frank O’Connor Short Story Award in 2009. Her second book, ‘The Prediction’, was published in 2014. A novel is forthcoming. She has a BA in International Relations from Brown University, and an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the New School for Social Research. She runs Sansar Media, a publishing and film production company. The Post spoke to Joshi about her career as a writer and Nepali writings in English.
- Sushma Joshi



- sedr

From canvasses to streets

Although mired in neglect by the state, artists are using galleries and public spaces to celebrate art. With one ongoing exhibition at any time of the year, the future of the art scene looks bright


Drama between the wickets

Nepal started the year with a bang, performing impressively in the Twenty20 tournament in Dhaka, but then ended the year with a whimper, mired in controversy
- Adarsha Dhakal

Social Media

Grandmothers on Facebook & Politicians o

This year marked an interesting milestone in my family. Both of my grandmothers--in their seventies--decided that they had had enough.
- Chahana Sigdel


Those who left us

Senior CPN-UML leader Sahana Pradhan died of brain haemorrhage in the Capital on 22 September. She was 88. Pradhan was actively involved in the country’s democratic movements.

Cars & Gadgets

New Year Goodies

For Nepali consumers who are on the lookout for new products, there will be a range of enticing automobiles and gadgets in the market


Major milestones

Immediately after the election of the new executive committee in April, the country’s private sector’s apex body, the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI),

On a roll now

The investment climate changed for the better this year and will get better still



Winds of change

After decades of being fearful that Nepal would be short-changed in India-Nepal water deals, power development agreements were finally signed in late-2014. Now, all that remains is honest implementation

- Semanta Dahal


Back for good

More and more migrant workers are returning home to start businesses in the country. The government should wake up and tap into their skills and enthusiasm

- Roshan Sedhai


Chure conservation 2014

A cabinet meeting held on June 17 decided to declare Chure as an ecological conservation area

- Pragati Shahi

Green shoots in 2014

The year 2014 saw Nepal garnering international attention for its efforts in the REDD plus programme. This year also saw the Chure Region being declared an ecological conservation area

- Pragati Shahi

Foul air, filthy water

Politicians need to show that the country is liveable, and not just one in which they happen to live in. Air and water quality is no less important than federal boundaries

- Gagan Thapa & Kashish Das Shrestha


And... action!

Documentary filmmaking is on the rise today, but, with the lack of funding and training, films often look like half-baked posers

- Ramyata Limbu


Leading the new wave

Nischal Basnet, Mr Versatility himself, is known in the Nepali film industry known as a script writer, producer and actor. His directorial debut,

- Anup Ojha


Days of their lives

Authors of all stripes and persuasions told us the stories they have lived and the readers lapped it all up



Upadhyay, Joshi and Adhikari all write about different Nepals and Nepalis


Just Visiting

Celebrities who came calling

Miss Universe 1994 and popular Indian actress Sushmita Sen was the showstopper for Classic Diamond Jewellers’ “Timeless Paragon Jewellery Fashion Show 2014”, which was held at the Hotel de l’ Annapurna, Durbar Marg, on November 15.